Grammarly - How to use Grammarly

                      Grammarly is an Engish Language Grammer mistake checker. This is best to develop for an article writer. Most of the article writers use Grammarly. Almost all sites have English grammar language mistakes, that why I recommend you Grammarly. You check any old article of your site. Then you confused this extension found a mistake in the article just 1 to 2 min. Most of Writer field use this such article writer, Essay writer, Office work. Website article is all thing for the website. If your article is long that your website rank on a keyword in Google Search Engine. Otherwise, you do not write an article only paste photo that in your site not rank on Keyword Google. If your article gets an English Mistake then your website will be ruined. The visitor no like your website. this extension all thing just add the extension and write an article without any grammar mistake

How to Use Grammarly?

1) First, you go Grammarly website. You see the option ( Add To Chrome ) Click on it.

2) You see this type of interface. Enter your email. Login with Gmail and Facebook. 

3) You will see this Grammarly interface. Click on install now. Your Extension will successfully install. You are now using Grammarly free. Grammarly provides premium accounts with more functions such as Hedging language,  Unclear sentence structure, Plagiarism e.t.c. you will write many articles safe and secure. The Grammarly Premium account rate per month is 11.16$. Grammarly Business is a more functionalist then Grammarly premium. Grammarly Business Account rate per month 15 $. Share with all your friends that its article writer. 

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