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By Griffin Wynne July 31, If you're a big Cardi B fan or your bestie makes you listen to her in the car meyou may have noticed a recurring trend in her lyrics. Whether you've heard about eating the booty or you're curious eate trying it out for yourself IRL, it's natural to wonder: What does rimming feel like?

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Sometimes your partner just gets really into what they're doing and it happens by accident, and other times they're just trying to see if they can surprise you, but unless you know it's coming, you may not be percent thrilled when it happens. If someone gteting kissing your butt seems appealing to you, consider talking to your partner about your sexual preferences and fantasies.

How to eat someone out - or lick someone out - really well

I like it in the shower. If you're Lofe of the many women who loves to get eaten outwatch out for these gross or at least awkward things that can happen during cunnilingus. And just like any complex work of art, there's a lot that can go wrong when it's not handled correctly. We have nerve gettong there to make it feel that way. It's just super enjoyable. They Find A Stray Piece Of Toilet Paper Just in case you needed another reason to hate weak-ass one-ply toilet paper, think about how easy it is for a scrap of it to get stuck somewhere down there until your partner accidentally removes it with their tongue.

26 women explain the things they don’t want you to do when you go down on them

Butt stuff is cool. And if your gettinv happens to be eating you out when one sneaks up on them, you might find that you're a little more wet down there for all the wrong reasons. A mature couple will laugh at the moment and carry on, but there's still no denying that the sound is hardly sexy.

Want more of Bustle's Sex and Relationships coverage? And there are no ifs, ands, or butts about that. Whether you've heard about eating the booty or you're curious about trying it out for yourself IRL, it's natural to wonder: What does rimming feel like? Shutterstock 1.

‘she had really long, sharp nails’

They Burp Or Sneeze The good news or bad news? Oral sex is gettin of the greatest kinds of sex that exists, especially if it's being given by someone is good at oral sex. As long as everyone is on the samethere's no wrong or right way to have sex. And if you're worried about how your vagina smells or tastes, there's seriously no reason to be worried.

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It might seem like nothing can possibly go wrong when your partner is going down on you, but if you've had a good bit of experience receiving cunnilingus, you know very well that there can be weird things that happen when you receive oral sex. No matter what you're into, talking openly and honestly about your sex life a great way to educate others about sex and de-stigmatize sexual preferences. A Hair Gets Stuck In Their Teeth There's not a single thing wrong with deciding to keep your hair down therebut if you do, your partner might return from their oral escapades with a few souvenirs.

You Get Your Period Periods are a natural part of life for many women and shouldn't be thought of as "disgusting. Realizing your time of the month came at exactly the wrong time isn't the worst thing that could happen during oral, but it's definitely something some people want to avoid no matter which end of the bed we're on.

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So yeah If you feel that fart trying to make its way out just as your partner is diving in, may your butthole be brave and your sphincter be strong. It can be enough to ruin the experience entirely—rather than focusing on how good you're feeling, you're focusing on keeping yourself as tightly closed as possible and pushing that fart as far back up as it'll go. I love it. It just made me feel large and in charge. I'm super sensitive down there, so it feels so good when someone licks or breathes on it.

Love getting eaten

It's just really enjoyable and feels nice. My boyfriend and I both shave, wash, and baby wipe down there before we consider asking the other for that.

Love getting eaten

I didn't say anything but after a minute of licking I was like 'That actually feels really good'. It's hot. And the worst part is, you really can't control a queef.

Love getting eaten

Moreover, dear Char-Char unabashedly adds that she and Trey take turns rimming. Anyone who has seen a vagina knows that there's a lot going on down there.

Love getting eaten

Not my thing. Lots of us occasionally leave a little TP behind, but it usually gets washed or peed away before being discovered.

How to get a guy to go down on you – it’s super simple

Like, I would peg him, and he loved getting his butt eaten and he would do it to me from behind — like, as I was on all fours. More like this. It might make you cringe if your partner finds a bit of white paper, but hey, at least they can be percent sure you clean up after yourself. One time I was going down on her and I kind of wanted to try it, so I asked if it would be OK and she said 'yes' and she really loved it. It took me a while for me to get comfortable with her doing it to me, but she did it the other day and it just felt really good.

Love getting eaten

Most people are able to at least turn their he away if they need to expel any air Llve their bodies, but every once in a while, luck won't be on your side It needs to be clean. Optimistic graceful mixed race girl in stylish summer outfit dancing and having fun on yellow background.

Love getting eaten

You can flick, poke, make circles, lick, and even penetrate if eaetn tongue is long enough. I'm fine with receiving, but it doesn't do anything for me. As long as what you're doing is consensual and pleasurable to you and your partner sthere's no wrong or right way to get to it. Just as we can't always tell when a fart is creeping up on us until it's already released into the air, belches, and sneezes can also come on quite suddenly.

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A Men's Health poll revealed that 60 percent of guys have no problem having sex with a woman while she's on her period, but you can hardly blame a man or woman for not wanting to actually ingest it. My girlfriend and I would joke about it a lot just because we heard people talk about it all the time. You Really Need To Fart When your legs are spread and a person's face is between them, the very last thing you want to feel is that gurgle deep within your digestive system that ifies a bubble of air just dying to escape.

Love getting eaten

But even so, the sensation of having a hair LLove your tongue is not always a pleasant one. Large and in charge. If everyone is clean it's great.

However, that sound they make isn't exactly the sweetest tune in the world.