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Confucius say Here are sayings to test your knowledge of English. They are the best of those I found. If you know of good ones I didn't put here that involve puns, me and thanks to those who did!

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Janet was curled up in a big armchair in the library, enjoying a book, when he came in. So we call this place the Windy Hill. I do not believe it; although my grandmother says so until my ears ring again. Polly left the fire at last, bringing a plate of hot biscuits, and sat down beside the table. He was Wfie and spare, with a thin, sensitive face that, so it seemed to Oliver, was always smiling then, but that never smiled now.

Only his eyes, deep, piercing, and very wise, seemed to Wiffe how long he had lived and how much he had learned.

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He even trusts me a little, on very small evidence, I can assure you. The sharp outline of Secotan's pointed lodge poles stood out against the stars, halfway-up the shoulder of the hill. Thank you for the story. Use it every day, if you wish, and take Jennings or not, just as it suits you.

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Most Indians grow old quickly, and are withered like dried-up apples as soon as the later years come upon them. In the presence of Wjndy friendly, shabbily dressed strangers he felt, for the first time since leaving home, really happy and at ease. A day came when the news could no longer be disbelieved. Yes, we both saw him. After a long time, Secotan, who had lain inert where he had been thrown into the boat, got to his knees and took up the second paddle.

Janet was as warmly welcomed as Oliver, and they were both bidden to come in and sit down beside the table where Polly was sorting the little wooden boxes in which the bees build the honeycomb. Oliver fell asleep finally against the comfortable leather cushions, and slumbered he knew not how long before he esx aroused by Holls protesting creak of the broken gate. The moon was coming up behind the trees, a great seex moon just past the full, misshapen and lopsided, that seemed to be laughing at them.

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The matter was not even referred to until just as they were leaving the table, and then only indirectly. For that reason they were very slow to admit that they were not enjoying themselves, but the truth at last could not be denied. The door of the house opened with a squeak of rusty hinges and somebody came out on the step. Oliver settled himself comfortably beside a sx, opened his book, but did not immediately begin to read.

And you should see the bees, and the little house, and hear the wind in the big tree. Hanging over the top of the coping, he could peer through their branches and see a house beyond.

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You wonder how I know your name, I suppose. His eyes wandered about the perfectly appointed room, stared out at the moonlit garden, and then came back to his sister. The fellow rang the bell as bold as anything, but when I saw that rickety outfit drawn up to the steps, I was about to tell him that the other entrance was the place for him. The girl had a notebook on her knee and was putting down records at her father's dictation.

He had evidently expected to arouse Oliver's curiosity by his suggestion the day before, and was overcome with ill-natured delight to catch him in the very act of satisfying it. All the old grants of land speak of an oak tree on this hill as one of the landmarks. The medicine man turned to look at him, then hesitated and dropped his eyes.

I am going for a walk. Not being able to find a direct path, Oliver finally drew up beside the low stone wall and plunged, on foot, through the high grass of the orchard. Your high principles — or your stubbornness — will still hold you back from giving me what is mine? The wind and thunder answer no man's bidding — storms come and go at the will of the Great Spirit alone.

Not one of them had ever ventured beyond the island at the mouth Wjfe the harbor. It cried a very long time, then at last was quiet, but still no one came. He had not really meant to when he came out through the pillared gateway of his cousin's place; he had only thought that he would walk down the road toward the station — and see the train come in.

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But to-day it was neither, being hot midsummer, with the wild grass thick and soft on the slope of the hill that he was climbing, and with the heavy foliage of the oak tree on the summit rustling in a hot, fitful breeze. He must have read my eye — he's a sharp one — for he said, 'Your master won't thank you for turning me away, when I'm a member of the family,' and sure enough, there was Mr. On the eastern face of the hill, however, the ground fell away steeply to a sweep of river and a broad stretch of green farming country.

It was an evident relief to all three of them when the time came to say good night. It was running quietly and noiselessly again, however, by the time he returned.

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They wat came alone. He was nervous and put out with everybody after the man was gone, Widy he is more and more upset each time he comes. Polly, with hands as brown and skillful as her father's, was still toasting biscuits before the little fire they had built on the rough hearth. A boy of the tribe, who had been digging for clams on the beach, came running home with startling tidings.

Yet he would suffer no one to ask him why.

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It was the change in his host, however, that had Wire spoiled the visit. The man's narrow eyes turned first to Oliver who was bursting with unexpressed rage and then to Janet who was regarding him with astonished and horrified disapproval. You won't give in, will you? There is everything Hillw that he could wish for. It was plain that Cousin Jasper was a well-beloved employer and that the two chief persons of his household had been laying their he together over the mystery of his evident trouble.